“Oh Antler, It’s Just an Interest, Deer …”

To keep the inspiration running through your veins, we’ve sourced for you a simple collection of our recent deers in decor design, from interest to obsession. Each of the designers featured have captured the essence of our new favorite wild animal:  the deer.  Just like this last post, we’re loving these creations below!

The first image that captured my attention was the deer watercolor illustration below. Be forewarned, if you go to visit Marisa Redondo in Lodi, CA, United States at River Luna and don’t come back; don’t say we didn’t warn you that her art is highly addictive. 

{  pssst! … Prefer the entire antler version? River Luna has that covered!  }

woodland animal illustration

The art works in River Luna favor mainly watercolor and oil paints. Illustrations of vivid tones and bold hues combined wtih Marisa’s highly talented paint mixing techniques, adds delightful touch to any room. Also, parts of the feather series have been featured on West Elm, now capturing another trending fab … Oh Marisa, there are just not enough walls in a home. 

To find out more about River Luna studio creations read here | read the Etsy Featured Shop article  | ‘Like’ on Facebook | Twitter | and Must Follow her Blog! |


Second eye catching studio was found through the unique art across the chest of the dress below. While reading further, we discovered there is actually a whole world of hand-drawn illustration set free by the designers at Free Bird Cloth!

{ Isn’t this an incredible drawing below!? We just had to share this prize shop with you! }

from illustration

“from illustration …

 {  dress is printed on part recycled polyester, part organic cotton and sultry rayon – inks are eco-friendly – Just WRAP IT up! ;D  }

to obsession

to obsession” via 

Impressively hand drawn to hand printed casual tank top dress was created to be worn dressed up or down. A racer back cut allows for simple beach cover up use, or add an accessory of gold to create a more luxurious look. Either way, the dress is built for both comfort and style, with current animal trends in mind. This piece is available through Free Bird Cloth studio in this print. However, each design from any dress can be selected to print on your favorite tank top, long sleeve, or children’s sized designs. Chose one style print for the whole family. Contact Speckled Leaf in Writesville, North Carolina, to discuss your personal custom order options and holiday shipping details.

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The evident season changes are not only useful for an attire shift but, naturally produce a craving for movement within the home decor. A fair share of deers in decor, have also made their mark all around us. This next item creates a smooth combination with the gold craze and antler addiction, within one mini piece.

gold antler on white

The Buck does not stop there! (lol;) 

We just edited this post to fit in the *new released Christmas pieces from the well stocked White Faux Taxidermy studio of design in Utah! Here is a closer look at the pair:

WFT white with red glitter antler

WFT’s Holiday Styled white with red glitter 


WFT Holiday Styled green glitter

WFT Holiday Styled with green glitter

The creations from the folks at White Faux Taxidermy are real conversation pieces. There’s an entire rabbit series just waiting to be explored. It’s truly a remarkable place! The story of two animal lovers creating their very own fun, full-time, family business for themselves, with an adventurous taste for the home decor industry…or cafe, or restaurants, for that matter! Here you will find a list and photos from Paislea and Marcos clientele. Read More about WFT here. Contact with custom order colours or questions

through this link.

To some long time readers, this next piece will be no surprise for your eyes as the products here have been featured in a few modern-minimalist places on line as of late, Gingiber illustrative designs on decor. From tea towels, to prints, to childrens plush, Bloomfeield pulls on the heartstrings in each our home settings, with her lovely art pieces.


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