Vixen Goods for the Holidays

In the upcoming weeks we will be sharing here and here with you all the best designs to shop for the upcoming fast approaching holiday gift giving season. Follow us by Email in the link up there, and check back here for your complete gift giving guide in one place:  “Designed Opinions“!

Lets get started with the animal lover on your list!

One of the most animal influenced shops on Etsy, has to be Cara Spainhour’s  with her Vixen Goods {Foxy Handcrafted Original Appliqué Pillow Covers}With a history full of dog companions and sewing, what would better suit her present career than creating with both in mind, and heart.

We are definitely not the first to notice Cara and her designs! Her creative works have been featured in some of the most popular on line magazines like Country Living and Apartment TherapyMore photos, info on her company background, and designs can be read here and here, in other blogger articles (Pssst, you really oughta check out those links, really fantastic bloggers!..) or read her About Studio Page.

Means we get right to it, the products 😉 


French Bulldog

French Bulldog | various color combinations available!


Greyhound in white silhouette

Greyhound in white silhouette

I read a touching story once featuring Cara’s designs, where a lady had lost her dog. She receieved one of the Dog Silhouette pillow covers as a gift and was beside herself with joy. Honouring the animal with a gift such a this, could highlight the honour of having shared much life experiences with your furry not forgotten friend. 

Yorkie in aqua & grey

Yorkie Breed in aqua & grey | view of various requested color combinations available upon request

** Remember, if you are looking for a certain breed you might not see featured here, you can search her shop, OR contact Cara Spainhour herself for colour combinations– explore all breed designs!**

It is well-known that Cara’s design focus is on doggie-decor 😉 featuring an array of breeds. Her shop Vixen Goods however, covers a few trends in a timeless manner. Lately, we’re seeing more than ever rhino’s in the office, giraffe’s in the childrens room, bison jewelry, and fox DIY decor projects and style trends! There will be no surprise then, to hear us share the fabulous Deer Silhouette Pillow Cover Collection! (Any one of these is already on my gift list!)

{ They’re the newest addition! Holiday Christmas red and green colored Deer Silhoutte pair! Yes Please! 

We are talking gift ideas here! Take a look at the face-to-face option for the happy couple looking to maybe spruce up the bedding layout, with this perfectly paired deer couple:

grey & white face-to-face deer options

grey & white face-to-face deers | many different colors available


my favorite orange white combo

a brilliant orange & white color combo

Enhance any styled home decor setting, with the color combinations and flawless fabric choices. Click the following link to explore the entire Deer Silhouette Collection.

 Each of Cara Spainhour’s colourful designs are sewn by her, with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring all her customers are receiving a credible designed piece from her own approval. 

At Designed Opinions one of our strongest beliefs is in quality and care procedures the independent designer performs, with the hands-on aspect of each item produced. 

adorned with various materials & fabric choices

this deer is adorned with various materials & fabric choices, welcoming into any decor style setting

The flannel polka dot fabric material pictured here, speaks volumes of comfort and trend all bundled carefully into a cozy design! The highlight for designers like Cara, is the clients enjoyment of any purchase. The clients appreciation is truly a step in the creative process. always feel a sense of warmth when receiving an order, from the same person whom designed it!


rainbow chevron deer

had to share this one for the colour lovers. there’s blue too

You can find Cara in her North Carolina studio, Vixen Goods, with a sewing machine on her lap and her dog attached ‘at the hip’. Contact Cara about her meaningful decor pieces or for custom made breed and colour combinations, through the Vixen Goods webshop on etsy. What a unique gift for a friend honouring their own special companion!  And *quick*! Orders for Holidays are already being worked on! *all images used with designer written permission. more links below:

wolf // pekingese breed // Rottweiler // Puggle // Greek key // all deer // 

Do you know a dog owner that would love one of these? Send them this link to them by email! What breed dog do you own? How do you feel about the whole animals in decor? Have you got pieces like this in your own setting? Share with us in the Comments below: 


Find more unique designers via our | Etsy | Twitter | Pinterest | Tumblr | About Us Page | Contact Us if you have a design we should research and share, or send us your own to be featured through our Self-Submissions.  

As we share the highlights of the holiday shopping studio’s with you all here on Designed Opinions we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for following us from our original space on tumblr to here. We are still under construction and greatfully appreciate your patience through our construction faze. If you would like to reach us directly check our Contact Us/About Us Page via. * No One at Designed Opinions gets paid to feature, mention, post photos, or recognize any of the designs and designers we share about. If we do, it will always be shared within the post. This is for your enjoyment purposes only. We are dedicated researchers in the area of decor design around the globe. Our only hope is to provide you accurate, credible, information regarding the unique designers we communicate with worldwide. If there is content without a source, or should be removed, feel free to reach us directly. –Thank You, Jeanine for Designed Opinions

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