Shapes and Gwaen’s

Living between the towns of Bologna and Tuscany in Italy, leaves Sara time to explore and create her illustrative arts from the visions she experiences, during her travels. Even with her specialty being illustration, Sara also re-creates art accessories, from discarded leather pieces into trendy shaped wearables, available at Gwaen’s Shop, Leather Jewels and Other Oddities

Gwaen’s Shop offers unique bracelets in unisex forms to accommodate all personal Autumn styles. These are just some of our new pastel favs! 

geometric 1

detailed view of geometric pendant – 1

a simple leather accessory

a simple leather accessory

As a world of changing views, we can all appreciate Sara’s consideration for the environment by repurposing what were “scraps of leather”, and transforming them into useful style pieces with today’s trends in mind.

In Autumn at times, I find there’s a lack of colour in general. Our skies, thoughts, our views looking  towards the coming cloudy months; can be pretty dim. I prefer in every way possible, to punch back with added bold tones wether expressed in clothing or home decor!  

leather boho style - fresh color

leather boho style – fresh color

fresh colors leather pendant

fresh colors leather pendant

Here are a couple bracelets from the unisex section of her webshop; plus a cool new bow tie bracelets!

unisex stackable bracelet collection

unisex leather bracelets

As the holidays quickly approach, Gwaen’s Shop offers a set of leather gift idea for couples. Sara provides shipping from Italy for each of her genuine leather ooak jewels and oddities, to places all over the world.

Majorly cute Bow Tie Bracelets! Each painted accessory you see has been handpainted by the designer.

handpainted bow tie bracelet

each is handpainted

feathers on leather

hand painted feathers

specially adorned with glass jewel on enclosure

specially adorned with glass jewel on enclosure just for you 😉

 **Check out what her customers are saying about the products they receive!**

As we continued through the Gwaen’s Shop profile, we noticed the owner Sara’s other on line spaces, where she shares more of her comic drawing and illustrative sides. Visiting her blog, you can feel her spirit and get a sense of her personality. Sara also shares other on line spaces she’s connected with. Go ahead, peruse and maybe even learn some Italian! ;D

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Find other amazing illustrative creations on her numerous on line communities here, and here.

Have you a leather lover on your holiday gift giving list? What colours enhance your senses for Autumn / Winter jewelry designs? Leave a Comment below sharing your favorite jewelry designer on Etsy, or beyond! *Read up in our Fall ‘Jewelry Designer Series’ on tumblr.

This shop is part of our new Holiday Designer Shopping Guide. Making this shopping season simpler for you by sharing our design finds, for all the people on your list. Straight from our research of Etsy (& other worldwide) Designers, each post from now until Christmas Day will contain one of a kind /”ooak”, uniquely created items. Designed Opinions firmly believes in the hands-on personal pieces by designers from what we like to call the “Land of Etsy” {our Pinterest Board}. Follow our profile on Etsy as well, for suggestions and more fun shops to explore along with us! Sharing is Caring.

**Designed Opinions is not affiliated with Gwaen’s Shop or Etsy in any way. We are not paid to produce this information. We share only as enjoyment and information purposes only. If there is a link or photo you would like removed, please email us directly through our Contact Us//About Us from our homepage. Designed Opinions uses images with written designer permission when noted. No copyright infringements intended within any post.

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