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Shell Villa architecture from Kotaro Ide / ARTechnic architects. More of their architectural genius presented on their new on line space. Look through the images of their updated project albums on display. 2008 Shell Villa here is favorited for its curves … Continue reading

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inspirezme: Originally developed by lumberjacks in the snow-covered Canadian Rocky Mountains more than thirty years ago, the Bullerjan wood-burning stove is widely regarded as the icon of all wood stoves Energetec, the company behind the Bullerjan brand, wanted to create … Continue reading

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Mint greens, kitchen, bathroom, roof top terrace with fireplaces, plus extra propane fueled fireplaces throughout this “Mindful Design” by Marty Beal and team. Home to White Fish, Montana this for bedroom beauty has a combination of new and client owned … Continue reading

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Innovative stunning indoor small sized fireplaces. Available sale on by “Anywhere Fireplace” for a minimum amount of days remaining. I had done much research on these in the recent past. They’re completely efficient for those worried about using much … Continue reading

“that’s not a fireplace—THAT’S a fireplace!” lol. Outdoor Fireplace, Wood-Burning Stove/Oven, providing outdoor comfort…wow…even on my worst days; something like this would provide great retreat. Earth Core Fireplaces, J9;(