Black White Red





white diamonds

white diamond book ends | for the home office decor

red bookends

red reindeer bookends | BAM! why not add some red for the holidays!

Both minimalist styled bookends for home decor were created by one of our favorite teams to interact with Lena and Dimitri at Design Atelier Article! Learn more about their studios story here, sign up for their newsletter here or better explore behind-the-scenes fun with other fans, on Facebook! We have also featured Design Atelier Article on Designed Opinions before.


Adorable! I don’t even drink tea but I’d order this guy for a friend for sure! 

red ele

red elephant for traditional holiday decor is new amongst the line up of designs on GRIMME

Designed Opinions has featured the creator of these rustic wooden home decor gifts Nataliiа Nazarova of Kyiv, Ukraine many times. From our adoration for her simple conversions of wood into artistic accessories, she offered us more enthusiasm for her designs by crafting these beauties featured in her holiday collection!  

| SHOP GRIMME now! | Featured here | 



NO silly! Not the CAR, the gift size

mini cloud multi

mini cloud factory (multi)

No collection complete without a Polar Bear. Isn’t he just the sweetest. 

polar bear home 2

polar bear home awww he’s too sweet! 

How could we resist this little mini polar bear guys he is too cute! As a mini decor piece, set him up amongst your ceramic house arrangement or little train Christmas Town display. And. CLOUDS? Well, let’s just safely say that I should have an entire Pinterest Board dedicated to CLOUDS alone. If I had a cloud factory near by as cute as this one,  I would be spending my time sketching and drawing, rather than typing about them! 

Visit all of the whimsical ceramic creations of the husband and wife orchestra of Adam + Quincy at Pearson Maron. A truly wonderous place to get lost in while searching for a dreamy little childrens bedroom decor piece, for the sweet children on your list. We guarantee when shopping for originality and one of a kind darling pieces, you will not be disappointed! 

| Shop Pearson Maron | Watch Adam + Quincy‘s VIDEO | Read the Interview | 

| their other furniture hardware studio |


After visitng the couples designs below, if you have any creative questions for this couple, be sure to send us a direct email. Designed Opinions will be featuring our own Q&A with these designers within the season! Exciting!

How big I your biggest holiday decoration? How small is your smallest? Post a link in the comments below and we’ll come visit to see your display today! 

Jeanine 😉 

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**Remember Designed Opinions does not receive any payment for featuring these designers pieces (*unless otherwise noted on post but, have not to date). We share for enjoyment, information and research purposes. We enjoy providing readers with choices, when shopping for their own specific decor or design requirements. We do not endorse nor oppose any purchases through any of the webshops that appear on our website, blog, as a whole

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