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We at Designed Opinions, welcome you to follow us by email for notifications of our latest finds in design. Our goal is to spread the fire of creation that burns through the many designers we communicate with daily, to inspire your own creative enthusiasm!

Originally, we started on tumblr at “Designed Opinions“. Due to the overwhelming and quick increase in followers, we needed more space for your exploration. We share our experiences within the endless aspects of the design community as a whole, from around the globe. Focus on object categories change, giving you the opportunity to look forward to the next series of designs already in works that will appease to your taste.

Presenting the single-handed research we perform here, our hopes are that you will use this space to “shop” for your next big project inspiration, source the most rare and unique items from all over the world; all while we leave the door opened for you to even share with us your latest design theory!

Contact Us further if you’d like to see your designs acknowledged through our site, have an article idea, a designer you’ve always wanted to ask a certain question to; allow us to attain the answers for you, and assist in whatever way we can! Our connections are throughout the interior designers arena, new latest unique un-discovered talents in (self-made) design, retail design stores, architects, more design bloggers, and many many more. If you have a question regarding a certain process in design we’d be delighted to offer you the best answers we can attain.

As it’s been said, “The Smartest People, Ask the Most Questions” –we’re here to offer our best findings for your resources.

To our loyal regular readers whom kindly followed us from our original space, a special thanks to you! We are continuing to update our databases, and add more content regarding Your ‘designed opinions’. We thank you for your patience during this time of construction, and sometimes confusion, throughout our many web places. Designed Opinions is here because of you all! Remember to share your favorite articles, or your design work, through your own social media using tag #DesignedOpinions for us to see 😀

Our Social Media Links:

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**Kindly Note**  Our sites are under construction, mainly to clean up and will be releasing updated content for you shortly. As humans, we are always “a work in progress” …

And before you go, head up top to Follow this Blog for emails of our latest discoveries for you, straight into your inbox now! How Excited we are to see you here! Thank You again.

Curator of Your Designed-Opinions,

Jeanine H

We Read Every Comment ;)

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