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As promised, Designed Opinions is presenting you with a simple gift giving guide for this holiday shopping season. We are working on a specific category/page idea to provide you with an easy way to search for a specific gift you have in mind. In the meantime, we just started to follow an old tradition on our blog. A Post a Day, even if it’s just photos, for the November National Blog Posting Month! How exciting!

We have so much information to share with you in such a short amount of time. Did you realize that Christmas is less than 45 days away already?

Let’s not wait a second longer! Onto the shopping shall we? –>

Our designer today has been featured in other on line blogs before (read more here). We are excited to share with you the products from her studio for our first time; as they are truly a unique gift which one must experience, along with purchasing.

about page

not A jewelry design studio

Petra Podnarcuk of Zagreb, Croatia is the mastermind creator of notAjewelry design. 

Podnarcuk has a long-standing background of graphic design and experience with metal, sculpting ornaments and one of a kind artworks. We see this as the key characteristic that manifests itself in her one of a kind jewelry creations. A true success in her class. The first piece we noticed was one of Petra’s popular Sweater Pins. Must say we admire her use of the descriptive words: “sweater pin” as opposed to the norm “brooch”. (Nothing wrong with using that word) We just think her term adds to the ever so mysteriously unusual appearances of her sculptured accessories. 

As described “the needle with funny feet” below, suits wearing on sweaters, scarves, or the like.

sweater pin 1

an elegant done of brown on silver, sweater pin above

brass hallow form

gold & black statement necklace with brass hallow form “Maldroit With Words”

The following mainly black and white pieces below, will rise your loved one to the occasion, in trends and style alike! Many of these pieces have been matched together, engaging the eye in a complete set. You must read the artists explanation for each of her divine creations in her own words, on her website, for the true meaning … HERE

black and white sweater pin

black with white sweater pin part of the ‘strawberry series’


black with white

“Iva Got Married” a seriously unique black piece featured with white textiles…

needs a closer look …

a closer look

a closer look

 OR, likewise some simple punching black pieces:

these earrings are crafted of hollowed silver, enhanced with vertical granulated wires which are eventually painted and finished.”

black post earrings

“Dot It!” |  simply stunning tiny, tiny black post earrings

Staying on the trending track, pick up your lady the unique red and black painted silver accessories which offer the wearer a sensation of courage and passerby notice. *notice whistle-*whistle* sound hear! 

Created as a one of a kind contemporary necklace with no comparison, may we introduce to you, the one and only…

ahh yes

the statement piece:



Just in case you were thinking these are just not the right colours for your hunny, here’s a few pieces from the red and white, and the red and gold collections available. 

red and white silver

red silver “Strawberry Pile”  stackable ring series

red on white contemporary earrings

“Rabarbara in a glass of milk”  contemporary styled earrings

!BAM! Gold with Red! 


gold and red

gold with red || sweater pincollection 


If you’re in the mood to gift for HIM, you are about to be happily surprised to see the MENS collection here. The notAjewelry web-shop we could not help ourselves from favoriting almost every piece! Dispite the amount of photos we have shared here with you there are still super sleek silver artistic wears to be admired in the shop. Petra Pondarcuk, with her artistic abilities, has adorned these once simple materials of silver, brass, and copper with powerful modern twists!


MENS sneak peek



Oh, did we happen to mention that Petra is a member of various artistic communities throughout Europe and the web? An active member of the well-respected artists of Beautiful People Live Art and it’s established artists. A mesh of all their works, featuring Petra Podnarcuk’s can be viewed on BPLART Pinterest Boards; further to the main website. {Many of her accessories are very affordable for this class of art jewels}

As a meaningful distinct designer, Petra has “named each item, handcrafted with inspiration and has a story to tell”…

Explore all of Podnarcuk’s wondrous art via not A jewelry design studio and follow: 

// website // facebook // twitter // shop here //


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*all images used with designer permissions. if there is a photo you would like removed, see our contact page. we at designed-opinions are not paid by any designer to mention their products (unless otherwise stated). we share this information for enjoyment and informational purposes only*

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