For heavens sake children Read … ‘just keep reading, just keep reading, just keep reading’…#read #books #art J9;) Source:

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‘How to Carve Your Own Stamps’ tools and tutorial, is available here: on, however… As I scrolled and learned on ‘registration’ there is a high Membership Fee. That doesn’t discourage me from searching for more of their free … Continue reading

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The Book Hotel in Munich is covered with what appears as ‘wind blown book pages’ made of fiberglass reinforced conrete and not ver thick—but what a statement! Read more at article. J9;)

This is the first #3Ddrawing I saw from the just announced release of “World’s First 3D Drawing Pen”—what an achievement. Read further details on the link: Source: from their Google Plus Profile—if your business page doesn’t have one, … Continue reading