Writer’s Block?

Here is a design blogger I have been following since the beginning of my own blogging career. One of the most helpful articles she’s written, is this one (all her articles are helpful to me)! This post addresses something we have all experienced at some point in our experience with blog writing: Writers Block! Here are some seriously great tips and mind tricks to get yourself writing again ūüėÄ

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Have you ever experienced that? You thought of a fantastic topic for an article, you picked up a catchy title, and perhaps even wrote the first sentence. And then… nulla… Your head seems to be empty and you mind is blocked. Messy thoughts are flying in disorder. I will open you a little secret: you are not the only one.

writer's block

I must confess that when I started blogging it took me two or sometimes even three days to write a single post. I was writing and then correcting and rewriting and editing again. I was so exhausted and overwhelmed with the process that at some point I almost decided to quit. Since then I improved my writing skills a lot. Now it usually takes me around two or three hours to write a new article for my blog. This allows me to publish more often which immediately results in increased…

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