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Books with covers (& some without) using reddish sienna and brown leather pieces. The art is well mounted on a creamy off-white board, signed with hand-writing inscription, saying “Toujours, Encore, Jamais” (Always, Again, Never)… One of a kind wall art … Continue reading

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‘How to Carve Your Own Stamps’ tools and tutorial, is available here: on, however… As I scrolled and learned on ‘registration’ there is a high Membership Fee. That doesn’t discourage me from searching for more of their free … Continue reading

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Stationery serious need only click to open link to incredible creative Etsy shop: “Kawaii Goodies” below! Affordable, unique, multiple styles, simply beautiful colors, stamps, paper, sheets, boxes, tags, bags … Everything you need including ‘handmade especially for you’ delivery … Continue reading