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Monika Rogsz presents her ‘child’s room‘ design display here. Adequate lighting with skylights, enough storage for clean non-cluttered children’s environment, plenty of comfort and sleep space enhancing a confident and relaxed vibe. Excellent space utilization throughout this minimalist simple room. … Continue reading

myidealhome: multifunctional room: bunk bed + vintage workspace (via S e a s e i g h t B l o g) A perfectly positioned bed above the flat. Hanging Bedroom design. See more on this reblog photo from Tumblr.J9;)

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“sweet” #PineappleLoft #interiordesign  pun intended, this build is sweet! illuminating lighting throughout this 2 phase apartment, showing off its “shim wall” (see link for detailed explanation) cabinetry and much flowing space.  BE their Inspiration, J9;)