After missing two full posts, we found a bunch of photo inspiration from various sources, to make up for the loss. However, I don’t think this counts for 4-6 days worth of posts but, we’re sharing them all nonetheless. 

Icelandic Cottage

cozy cottage stunning black accent wall 

 Icelandic Cottage via Design Sponge 

While traveling through the favorite blogs we follow over on Bloglovin I found my eyes newly captivated with black walls in home decor. Take a look for yourself before you think it wouldn’t look so great. We have many other #blackandwhite ideas through our Colour Inspiration Pinterest Board for more examples. 

girls bedroom

who would have thought? Black wall in girls bedroom setting? LOVE It!

 Mintsix Shop via Design Chaser

black accent wall

black accent wall

captivating combo, with the perfect accent pink

Tete D’Ange and their stunning bold black accent wall above, is where the obsession must have kicked in.


PINK! DIY wall art on the left caught my eye

DIY home decor inspiration post, via a pair and a spare diy blog

diy wall art

diy pink black grey wall art

Full tutorial available through the archives here of Tete D’Ange again; whom have created their own captivating colored home decor 


Now, the pieces de resistance. Super crushing on all these lil’ accents, with big kick! 

gold peach bowl

gold and peach handcrafted pot

available on Etsy via Up in The Air Somewhere


 designed by OSLO art collection, available via endemicworld 

white antler hooks

faux deer white antler hanging wall rack, also available in gorgeous gold!

 Each designed by Kristen and sold on her webshop Lucy Haus


black and white house

Casa Guirnalda black and white house illustration, by artist Ana Montiel 

via her on-line art-shop Ana Montiel


 Where can we find your newest crushing items or ideas? Any of our links or photos interesting to you? Leave us your links in the Comments below:


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Vixen Goods for the Holidays

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Get Liscious Fall Decor

target art block via studio liscious

A little peek into Fall 2013 pieces of decor via Studio Liscious, Canada.
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