so adorable! for some FUN with the kiddies, take a straight swift stroll over suitably to the “TONGUE TWISTERS” shopping section and make a selection! LOL get it..tongue twisters with all the s’ LOL  OR … just scroll down the … Continue reading

stumbled across this website looking for dvds that are impossible to find in stores.  looks like a Christmas Gift Search Engine lol! i clicked “go to shop—>” and found little card looking icons to click. MOSTLY TOYS—and even a “CHUCKIE … Continue reading

$50 for these BAD BOYS for your BABY!!! Get them TODAY on “FREE Shipping Day” Canada! Complete all your Christmas Shopping TODAY with FREE shipping on line today at select Merchants! See my list for more! These boots courtesy of … Continue reading

These shoes look to me like the perfect combination of my favorite fuzzy warm cozy moccasins & my fav worn out UGG Boots: These in fact are created by UGG and are now ON SALE, as well! Buy yourself a … Continue reading

luvocracy stories: what’s new on Luvocracy? Everything.


Click over to and you might wonder if you’ve landed on a different website. Nope, it’s still the same world of products recommended by the people you trust, but it just looks a little different.


There’s a new rotating showcase of radiant recommendations and inspired…

Followers, I have just come across this website the other day. Features designers, artists, blogs and posts of all things design! Please join this exciting community! 


luvocracy stories: what’s new on Luvocracy? Everything.

OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! THIS is the best real working gadget idea out there!  Does anyone else miss their old school, retro phones like this???!!! OMG I know it sounds crazy weird but I’m buying myself one for Christmas. … Continue reading