Our New Built-In (Re-Blog)

A most impressive IKEA Hack. Main pieces for this creative shelving unit include IKEA’s Billy Bookshelves (or the like), a Besto Storage Unit, along with all pieces used and step by step instructions included here in this post from “Delight Creative Home

Ikea is full of all kinds of beautiful things – much of our home is furnished by Ikea. Yes, I know, some of you are not huge fans of Ikea, but if you change up your furniture as much as I do – Ikea and Craigslist are my friends.

I have always LOVED built-ins – especially the vintage look, but since our house is from 1989 – it is not exactly vintage. So I decided to create the look I wanted in the dining room.



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so many stories, so little time. many thanks 2 all my followers..#seeJ9 #follow for more good times on #tumblr J9;) Source: http://artisepidemic.com/folded-book-sculptures-by-luciana-frigerio/

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Imagine you and me …and me and you… a sweet love story that would be! thanks for all my followers! J9;) http://artisepidemic.com/folded-book-sculptures-by-luciana-frigerio/

This post is especially “designed” for all of my book loving tumblr followers! I love you guys! All of my followers! Books, Books, Books, Books…. Dream Big: The (long ago) Interior Design firm that I worked for had a partner … Continue reading