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Specimental Designs shares her captivating Mixed Quartz Silver Texturized ring. Each piece crafted by Vancouver, Canada’s own, Laura Trelor. The inspirational journey behind the hand created and skillfully chosen pieces from this single-mom widow, can be read here. —Designed Opinions … Continue reading

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nnmprv: Lucas Maassen & Sons. Lucas Maassen has employed his 3 sons, Thijme (9), Julian (7) and Maris (7). His Sons are responsible for the paint job of the furniture which is build in the factory. (more) Furniture Design re-blog.—designed … Continue reading

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Ooak Stencil Ceramic Pendant, white. From the statement jewelry collection by Aliquid Textile Jewels, Italy. Designer Alquid. See the others featured in our Jewelry Designer Series. —Designed Opinions

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mindsplat: there is a sustainable treehouse community in the middle of the costa rican rainforest people can zipline from house to house they have wi-fi ARE YOU SHITTING ME WHY DON’T I LIVE THERE RIGHT NOW

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Jewelry presented by somewhere jewelry here on tumblr and beyond. Added to our Designed Opinions, Jewelry Designer Series. somewherejewelry: There`s now three different coulours of Mountain earrings. Should we do more colours? Seuraa blogiani Bloglovinin avulla