Get Liscious Fall Decor

As we step full swig into the Autumn Season, let’s explore some fab handmade objects, shall we? Enjoy a great look around these simple looking yet, (decor) change producing items! Let’s dig deeper into Fall 2013 home decor, starting with Studio Liscious, with designers Patrick Lajoie and Mara Minuzzo.

Twig Wall Hooks 1

Modern Twig Wall (Coat) Hook from TWIG Series  |  handmade high grade Baltic birch plywood branch looking organizational wall hooks and more… 

As I watch the winds change the first thing noticed is the yearning for a shifted decor. 

Each piece of Baltic birch plywood of these modern Twig Wall Hooks, is made with high grade thin sheet layered by hand and permanently set. Using three coats of hand-rubbed natural oils allows each perch to express its color variations through their multiple layers of wood. These featured pieces are the larger heavy holding hooks but, the smaller hangers for objects like keys, jewelry, hats, can be source from the Studio Liscious webshop

bulls eye wall art

Target Circle Art Block series – small but, welcomed vibrant burst of energy in house during this time for gatherings!

Every space deserves a splash or in this case a small burst of colour for the home! A perfect piece to admire and converse over is this again handcrafted, color adorned wooden Target Circle Art Block/Bulls Eye wall hanging. The Bulls Eye blocks are processed with a time-consuming image transfer technique. Though a slightly transparent (colour) image is revealed on each piece, this process adds handcrafted characteristics by sharing small imperfections, enhancing bits of the natural wood grains.

colourful art block options

direct link to target circle image  |  display options & info in links below

The allowance for some weathered, vintage look, seems to precisely translate the emotional vibe felt in the Fall Season as it speaks to the many, through the desired shift in our home decor! The unique circle art blocks are available as a single piece or, as suggested sets of few or more. A hand-painted array of colour combinations and scenic views (paint by number) are offered as well. Experience the studios full Art Block series here  OR  Contact the couple direct, for custom made orders, combo options, and studio policies and procedures.

Arranged in full set

other color & arrangement options  |  various arrangements & colors available 

The reason I had to post SOO many photos is because I still cannot chose a fav! I could use a set of colour and their more natural wood decor through each room in our apartment. These colors speak Autumn, just right!

Colorful Wooden Birds Series

peruse the various colors & sets available of these punchy-colored-birds for your Autumn decor 2013 here.

colorful wooden bird pieces

alternative views to describe the details of these lovely wooden pieces  |  bird types vary

various birds available

various bird colors, types, arrangements available

In closing, throughout the entire shop, you’ll be inspired to embrace the desire to change that is so immediate for some, during Autumn and the coming colder months. Each piece is handcrafted by the family of Patrick Lajioie and Mara Minuzzo, and on occasion, their teenage son Zac. After many years of renting work space, as owners of this unique Caledon-Ontario collection can finally indulge into their craft from their home studio space, enjoying times of a life coming full circle.

Follow social media links, and discover more new designs by Lajoie and Minuzzo:

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search #StudioLiscious under explore or tags, for some happy customer & more uploaded shares! 

Here is our collection of Home Decor favorites and here’s another. Maybe you could let us know the best shop you’ve found for your Autumn decor? Do you feel the necessity to change seasonal objects around the home as much as we do? What colors have you chosen this year? 

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