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Dear Reader,
You are the inspiration for this #design time well spent, together.

In the next few weeks to come in design we will be exploring together the following
aspects in design, and beyond …

Our Jewelry Designer Series

There is an entire planet to discover within the Etsy world. Etsy is no longer the beading, jewel, gifting place of its originally assumed state, but an entire unique universe of self-discovery, self-expression, and superior design quality. It is time we look deeper into that world together.

Join us in discovering, the un-discovered, the newest, and the highly-talented designers and their pieces. We will introduce you to the attentive, the helpful, the one of a kind, creators of this global trend of Etsy designers. If there is anything you need; you can count on finding it undoubtedly from the real people behind the Etsy studios we will explore together.

*Use the Jewelry Designer Series tag for a simple search. Each of only our series articles should be the result.

Art Nouveau was created by jewelry designer, Mathysa in her Milano, Italy studio.

The full experience while wearing this accessory includes, captivating your admirer as an illusion of a tattoo is perceived by the placement of the pendant against your bare skin. Mathysa’s piece Art Nouveau pendant is made with laser-cut acrylic, on a matte surface. The pendant is the artists rendition of flowers, leaves, and branches expressed with passion and beauty; boasting both matte and polished sides.
Like Mathysa Facebook Page, her website, studio, and detailed designs within this
Jewelry Designer Series.

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