Walnut Dining Table with hairpin legs, by designer Scott Cassin.
description by designer
This mid century modern inspired, handcrafted dining table features black walnut. We highlight the natural beauty of the walnut by using a blend of lighter colored sapwood and dark heartwood.

Scott Cassin is a skilled craftsman of various woodworking materials. Creating furniture closely with his team members Cassin resides and works in rural area of Litchfield County, Connecticut.
He and his wife share their 300 year old farmhouse, with their 9 dogs, 6 chickens, and come complete with ‘a decrepit old cat.’ —click image to read more …

During our detailed exploration of the furniture designs we discovered a highly skilled individual with a talent in woodworking exceeding our primary impressions. To welcome a heart-felt creation from Scott Cassin into your home decor, contact him at his on line studio today.
At Designed Opinions,

We offer consumers a deeper look into the creators behind the designs you see. Be it on Etsy or beyond, we strive to educate and encourage you to feel part of the design process. We wish only to bring light to the many warm personal experiences to be shared, when you purchase directly from the designer behind your hearts desires. All designers have been notified of the use of their photos, and have been interviewed prior to shares. We look forward to viewing these one-on-one interviews with you all, in our new design space:

Through Designed Opinions, we will be revealing a new space full of vibrance, inspiration, designer communication; all influenced by your appreciation of our works here. You will be automatically forwarded in the coming weeks (to new space) where you can then sign up, to notified by email of each new article release!

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