A popularly treasured piece through Nada’s Corner studio, is the first image of the blue hued Ceramic Lampshade. Views of a soft ambiance peer through mini holes throughout this handcrafted fixture. From her home in the Netherlands, Nada creates hand designed ceramic art pieces, of every kind. Exploring with techniques of ceramic forms, Nada’s Corner offers more than just the structures above. In her on line studio you will find variety of ceramics including: bird houses, lampshades, pots, unique cups and plates; also a series of ceramic jewelry creations. Follow Nada on Etsy for purchase options, and to keep updated on the release of her newest designs.

*Click on the first image for full gallery experience and short article.

**All images credited to, and used with written permissions, by designer. Copyright laws apply.

“honour the creator, credit the source”—‘Designed Opinions’

image links to specific item:
1st-blue shade  2nd-soft shade 3rd-swirl sculpture 4th-twisted vase 
5th-ceramic woven basket

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