Originally built in the 80’s this Fish-Farm Pumping Station has been dramatically transformed by architects from Zaigas Gailes Birojs, between 2007-2010. Finally, it’s rebirth boasts minimal conversions to its more historic exterior characteristics, leaving the reds and rust toned colors for preservation effects. Truly a remarkably breathtaking expression of originality within the architecture and its surrounding landscape.
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source description:
“The plan of the vacation home has now three partitions: a full-height main hall in the centre, a two-storey apartment for the parents at one end and four two-storey apartments for the children, each with a distinct bathroom, at the other end of the building. From the massive block that it was, now the edifice is open and transparent due to the new, large windows and glass doors that are of the same dimensions as the windows. They all are equipped with sliding shutters, made of corten steel plates identically with the façade of the building”

A timeless environmentally friendly island retreat vacation home, for a family with children on the incredible shores of Latvia.

source for images and descrip.

*normally we share our own sourced material these days but, this piece was too perfect to pass up sharing. all credit to the professionals at design like for their research.

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