From the most thoughtful design studio in Orcas Island, Washington comes, this 3 Wall Vases. Corbe Company boast a complimenting display of geometric shapes and graphic patterns on handcrafted, slip-cast porcelain of the ‘Patterns & Polygons collection’. With the option to hang or mount the set is a modern, colorful; unique science lab test tube inspired design. Each vase rim is bare porcelain, as the remainder of the structures are fully glazed, completely sealed and safe to hold liquids, plants, or alone as unique home decor.

Don’t underestimate the power of following a link to its source! To learn the depths of Kaitlyn and Ryan Lawless partnered designs, you must explore their full web link collaborations shared here on Corbe Company Profile and Fifty United Plates on ‘KickStarter’ for their other hand-cared ceramics.
CLICK Image for full gallery views…

The polygons and patterns on these 3 wall vases are designed by SHOPE NAME, custom printed decals, that are individually placed and fired onto the porcelain. A glossy, clear glaze allows the ivory tone of our porcelain to breathe through and compliment the colors chosen for this collection: hues of poppy orange, dusty teal, dove grey, and black.
Elements of gaphic, angular edges of the polygon imagery expresses the natural occurring curving, rounded silhouette of the vase. The pieces in this trio are handcrafted by designers, presenting different vases from the next yet, part of a singular collection.
A colorful selection of patterns to chose from, for example you may request minimal or none of a certain color (ie no black, no grey, on tubes, etc). A quality leather cord is also available for hanging, in your custom made options.
CONTACT CorbeCo for more info. Designer at studio,
For shipping and other questions, see policies for details.
*all images property of CorbCo and owners

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