Don’t allow the simplistic aesthetics fool you, these products are each unique; with much personality created from innovative design. The home design studio of Noe and Pedro Ruiz, as featured on Shapeways, has a genuine personal story behind the years of their 3D Print experience.

The enjoyment in the products by the Ruiz brothers are extended beyond just the aesthetics department. Utilizing peaks, shapes, and creative forms, the 3DP items have multiple uses; presenting more than a display object. The Antler Switch Cover can hold iPhone, keys, sunglasses and the drops of clutter we all produce, upon entering our homes.

Explore and purchase further products featured on Etsy and on their Pixil 3D website. Serving even the minimalist decor setting with fun, creativity, through the teams useful modern designs. (my favorite Summer design!)
Watch for updates and new designs by the Ruiz team, on the following links:
Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and of course their Facebook Page. Watch the latest on design videos with YouTube. Join Shapeways to purchase. A challenging creative design sharing site at Thingiverse and vine.

*all images credited to designers


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