If you haven’t yet received your personal invitation to the unveiling of “Baynku”paper cut art‘ design by Nahoko Kojima, click here

Byaku” (meaning ‘white’ in Japanese), a life-size Polar Bear paper cut sculpture, will be unveiled at the ‘Jerwood Space‘ in London, in two weeks.
The ‘Cloud Leopard’ (video)was the artists most recent project, which traveled in February 2013; appearing at the Le Beffroi, in Paris, France. The show was part of the European Tour in partnership with Arte&Arte’s Miniartextil.  ‘Cloud Leopard’  was completed after five months dedicated hand-cutting and carving techniques.  

An ever growing artist such as Kojima, must be followed up with a respectful documentary on her achievements and designs she so humbly shares around the globe (documentary here).

for the latest on Kojima’s works follow Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and here on Tumblr.

image and info sources: designboom, Solo Kojima

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