An absolutely educated leader in her industry Chrissy Crawford at the Little Collector is a complete genius in her field. Sourcing world renowned artists pieces for affordable child’s room, Chrissy was featured in an article on “The Purple Bicycle” as so below:


A New Way to Purchase Original Artwork

Purple Bike received a lot of reactions to the article on my child’s art collection. While most people said they approved of the idea in theory, and they would love to purchase original art for their children, most had no idea where to get started! How do you do this, exactly?! There’s so much art in the world, much of it is very expensive, and very few parents have extra time to do the research to find affordable, appropriate works of art.

If this is a concern for you, I have two great online options – LittleCollector and Cureeo – to help you begin an art collection, for yourself or your family. Both are extremely affordable and both make a valiant attempt to demystify the process of purchasing art.

The first online gallery I would personally recommend is called LittleCollector. They offer limited edition prints by a number of highly respected contemporary artists. Prices are based on size of print and edition size. For $40, you can purchase an 8×10 print, with an edition run of 250. If you want it framed, you pay $85. You can also purchase an 11×14 print for $125 (edition of 150), or a 20×24 inch print, with an edition run of 50.

If you are not familiar with the concept of editions, please know this is an extremely important indicator of value. The fewer prints available, the more valuable the images are. An unlimited print edition, like a poster or other mass produced image, is worth significantly less. LittleCollector’s prints include lithographs, photos, and other types of illustrative printing, and all use archival printing methods and paper.

More importantly, the high quality of artists participating on LittleCollector is a huge indicator of quality. Nationally known artists like Mickaline Thomas, Shepard Fairey, Saya Woolfalk, William Wegman are intermingled with well-known children’s illustrators, like Cynthia Rowley, and a number of young contemporary artists, like Darlene Charneco, Jay Cover, and Margaret Morrison. It is worth noting that many of the works of art feature subjects which are of interest to children: animals, cowboys, alphabets, candy-colored landscapes, and fantasy, but none of the works pander to children. Every single piece would also be a handsome addition to an adult collection as well.

Another curated online sight I have recently become personally acquainted with, as an exhibiting artist, is Cureeo. This sight features affordable original works and prints in a range of styles and media. Like LittleCollector, Cureeo attempts to bring as much transparency to the art purchasing process as possible, but it is not geared towards kid’s collections.

Based in Chicago, the online gallery shows emerging and well-established artists, and provides a significant amount of research on each artist. Each artist profile includes information about their professional history, information about their creative process, and the reasons behind a price point, presented in an easy to understand way. Much of the work is priced under $500, with especially affordable limited edition prints under $200.

Like the best galleries, Cureeo’s goal is to educate customers about art, and to consider their opinions and goals, rather than just sell them something. The site is attractive and easy to browse, with an accompanying blog that highlights individual artists accomplishments and Cureeo’s recent projects.

While I love a traditional bricks-and-mortar gallery space with monthly shows and beautiful installation, and I would never want to take any business away from them, I have to say that a well-curated online gallery is a great option, too. It democratizes the process of buying art and creates opportunities for artists to reach a wider audience. Check out Cureeo and LittleCollector and see if there is anything that fits your taste and budget. And, of course, please know that Purple Bike Design is always happy to assist in the selection and purchase of original artwork.

Author Cara Ober is a Baltimore based artist and writer.


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