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Dream Big:
The (long ago) Interior Design firm that I worked for had a partner who was my mentor. Some of the best things he taught me was this one: “Dream. Dream Big.”
Sounds simple and of course something you’ve heard before I’m sure. At that time in my life, it was huge for me. I had never thought of ‘dreaming’ in that way before. ‘Dream’ was just another ‘word’, just another something we did…Not something I could change or control.

At that moment, by simply using those 2 words, he encouraged me. All of a sudden, they were more than words. They meant focus, goal setting, smiling, and being the best at anything I wanted to be. It meant for me to aim high. Keep my mind open and my head held high. Reach higher, work harder, look to rise above the crowd, and to keep my standards of acceptance high.
With just two words, I was inspired me to be better at my job and my personal life then too.

Stay tuned, for more books and more parts of my Chapters, if you will.

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