Input and creation by a handful of well combined architects comes the Iceburg Housing build in Aarhus, Denmark. The projects obvious influence was that of (beginning to melt) giant iceburgs.

As described by one of the architects JDS Architects there was much inspiration involved. Once completed, Aarhus would then become Denmark’s second largest city to develop socially sustainable living quarters, by renovation its old out of use container terminal. Many cities within the world could use this inspired project, for their own encouragement for further development, thus creating many more sustainable homes.

Iceburg developments stunning and unique characteristics for its tenants, one third being geared to an ‘affordable housing’ rental market, is captivating views of the water coupled with illuminating natural lighting within each unit                            

Mayor Wammen and the head admin of DAC (Danish Architecture Centre) gratefully concur, the “Iceberg” is not only eye catching & above our cities grand ambitions but, supportive to residents within a thriving community. Whether near or far from the “City Near The Harbor”  this is an architectural high quality build, every one can take pride in.


Source Links:  cebra(architect) Architect , JDS Architects and more. Further information on this and other builds here. Original article found on inthralld. 


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