A special caption for all followers #follow on #tumblr and #twitter

I love you

Thank you for following me and re-blogging, tweeting and repeating alot of my posts. The support is truly appreciated.

If anyone (you or family) is purchasing new outdoor patio or indoor furniture *please take a look over at my friends on http://ModernFurnitureCanada.ca/
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I remember when I first started tumbling here. My teenage daughter laughed at me when I was overjoyed with 8 followers, her being at about 99 by then. When I say I appreciate it, I celebrate lol, and try to search through each and every one of your profiles to follow back and return the support you’ve so kindly gifted me. Each day I look forward to reading through my dashboard to see what’s on your minds today.

Thank You to each of you.

***use that code fast. it’s not available forever***
(Source link: http://artisepidemic.com/folded-book-sculptures-by-luciana-frigerio/ )

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