This style of cabinetry is unique and of quality beyond my best imagination! I have a home DIY project that I am planning on working on the whole Summer realistically. This supplier has just saved me about a months work by providing some of the most unique cabinetry I have ever been introduced to. Take a look for yourself at some of my favorites above.

Sharing my new learning about shelving with you all here…
This is a historic “Mizuya Dansu” (#kitchen chests)

This set of information between the quotations are taken straight from the website. It is in description of the last photo piece and its parent collection of ‘Antique Tansu’

There, their skilled professionals let their customers know the exact specifications and history of the products available to them. Find more photos and all collection information here:

“Green Tea Designs”
Description & History of Cabinetry:
“These Mizuya Dansu would have been used to store items related to cooking.
About 5.5ft high and ranging from 3 to 9 ft wide, they are composed of two pieces stacked on top of each other. They are characterized by their asymmetrical layouts of sliding doors and pullout drawers, and come in many styles.
Like all tansu, the focus is on craftsmanship and natural materials – incredibly detailed hand-forged iron hardware atop exotic rich-grained woods.
The History of Mizuya Tansu:
In the late Edo period, Mizuya Tansu (Kitchen Chests) became a staple in the home and the foundation of the kitchen. They represented a new epoch, in which people could afford to cook full meals and experiment with cuisine, as opposed to single pot cooking. They were constructed of two or more pieces stacked on top of each other, and had large cavernous spaces that would be accessed through sliding doors, as well as several pull-out drawers for smaller storage.”

These high standards professional Japanese, Oriental and Asian wooden furnishings are handcrafted with Japanese carpentry skill. Green Tea Design has their showroom located in our very own backyard Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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