With the temperature here amongst the Japanese landscapes of
Hokuto-City, Yamanashi this home must be in full balance. Its winters never too cold; summers not too hot.

Full length retractable glass walls are tinted and insulated with a layer of rice paper panels, to minimize the effects of the too hot sun. The north south elevations have openings at both ends, leaving retired owners breathing in the cool breeze throughout. The lower winter light is absorbed by the arrangements of the larger surface area on the south end.

In winter, the wooden home adapts to each of the hot/cold extremes without A/C or artificial heat. This home opens itself to summer and completely closes off, during winter within its multiple leveled heights, in build.

(My) the adoration in this project, is the usage of wood, rice walls, windows/glass, and the structures sharp, sleek, shape of its exterior—to the soft well rounded frames inside.

Presented by: DesignBoom.com
Architecture credits: kiyotoshi mori & natsuko kawamura / mds
Photography: toshiyuki yanolocation
Source Link: http://www.designboom.com/architecture/mds-yatsugatake-villa/


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