Black and white pretty floral patterned ceiling chandelier
—lighting for the home from a great wholesaler overseas.
We have experience ordering from this and one more company from Hong Kong (think the others in Japan)! Understandably its a bit unsettling to place orders from that far away; however, we had no difficulty and were actually impressed with the shipping costs, receipt time and quality of the products for the purchased price.
What i would recommend is research: see if they have a Facebook page and any social medias. Sign up for their newsletters and like their pages. Then, read the remarks on their Social Media profiles from overseas as to see the real deal reviews and remarks from other customers; paying close attention to customer Locations! Ten decide for yourself if its safe for you.
My Serious recommendation with on line ordering is due to Privacy Policy changes. Their have been updates ALL over the internet and websites in general are collecting important and non important info of yours; and everyone you deal with (always read the fine print skim it anyways). A little more personal than some care to “share”. My suggestion would be to get yourself a ReLoadable Credit Card from your local Gas Station or Money Mart Store.
( ONE we have, Details on Petro-Canada’s new one: ) We have more than one for certain websites and orders, as to not leave paper-trails or any real personal CreditLine Information. With these reloadables the most info required is name address and thats it!! You load the cash, you control the spending; & the info shared with overseas companies if in fear.

Hope you enjoyed my longest post yet & got something from the advice!


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