this is our little Valentine’s Day Flower Power purple pink gold silver paints found in craft drawer and an empty recycle water bottle… sliced into strips, painted, hung on wall with tack and string: new age childrens home decor ideas … Continue reading

During the months of slow-paced-rush from Winter’s drag on, until Springs dawn; there are some dull days…They can feel very dark at times. Valentine’s Day is not a favorite to me personally, but while thinking of ways to spruce up … Continue reading

The photos and the story continues, of our Valentine’s Day Tree here… Pink and purple are currently (as they change often) my youngsters “favorite colours”. I couldn’t help but chose those two, mixed with some bright reds for cheer, & … Continue reading

A pile of crafting “stuff” turned into a 2 week pinning in the home, on our “Valentines Day Tree”! Here are a series of photos from the crafted diy creation of our tree. We hope you enjoy a look into … Continue reading

“Coco Rose Couture” shop on Etsy. See their colorful blue greens bright yellows, for the coming Season of Spring2013! Childrens hair accessories plus! Love the way its a bracelet in the bottom picture. Clothing also provided by this shop. … Continue reading