InHAVE to suggest before a purchase like this (which i have done in past) is to be sure to (treat it like IKEA furniture:) make sure you contact seller/supplier first!
Plus, these steps are some of the rules I follow for any on line purchase!

—ASK if there are discounts due to the high hipping & wait costs for an item like this! Retailers often give discounts if they know they will receive a return customer.
ALSO, if they’ve already marked it down, whats another $40!?! ASK!!

—ask for all
recommendations regarding the specs: Any Special screws, fasteners, bolts for CANADIAN or US plumbing codes THEY might have notes on their computer systems NOT put up on their advertisement!

—ask for their RETURN POLICY: where will your return money be going IF it needs to be sent back?
WHO Pays Shipping costs of return? You could be paying more to return than keep & sell on line or give to plumber friend LOL!

—Read The REVIEWS!!! There might be someone out there thats tried with little or no success to install and you can save yourself a BIG Headache (& large credit card bill!)
—lastly, always Write a Review! No not just a good job great product; see what others are writing first if you cannot think if the words. Happens to us all! YOU could be the one who spare someone ELSE from a no fit mishap by sharing your own experiences with that product!

J9sOpinion of THIS FAR away seller? EXCELLENT! And fantastic customer service!

Best Advice for on line Shopping: Do Your Research!

Be Their Inspiration,


We Read Every Comment ;)

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