100% #handmade Made in Finland. Unique beautiful crisp and clean; created by hand for you. Journal, sketchbook, notebook…your book. Love the simple innocent colours of this book. Gentle greens and clean tan. http://www.etsy.com/listing/116370542/handmade-journal-sketchbook-geometric?ref=tre-2723798992-3 BE their Inspiration, J9;)

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some of my favorites are #repurposed window frame or picture frames—DIY ones! Into one of a kind #mirrors for the home! These are just two for now. More later! BE their Inspiration, J9;)

This gallery contains 3 photos.

“sweet” #PineappleLoft #interiordesign  pun intended, this build is sweet! illuminating lighting throughout this 2 phase apartment, showing off its “shim wall” (see link for detailed explanation) cabinetry and much flowing space.  BE their Inspiration, J9;)