Wow upload photo works „, anyways …

AHHH my awaiting to find #iPhone4s external keyboard!!! HEAR the ANGELS singing from Heaven again folks—I DO !
If there’s ONE BAD terribly awful thing I cannot stand about the iPhone or any apple devices (we own 6, well 4 now) it’s that there’s NO external keyboards and the touchscreen keyboard is MINISCULE when were talking the iPhones. Don’t care what model. I think they did this to PREVENT TEXTING and DRIVING bcuz I know I was NEVER able to! LOL! NOT that I’d want to its worse than drinking and driving and comparable to driving with your EYES CLOSED…?? ( think about that one for a WHILE …)

my review for this priduct will be available on this blog for viewing by February. I am planning on ordering this item on Boxing Day. It’s $39.95 Canadian Dollars now. Going to send them an email TRY to find out what’s coming as far as DEALS for BOXING DAY!? I will SHARE all my secret shopping info like always as it arrives!

J9 xo


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