The Holidays are a special time for
celebrations and family…
but with EVERYONE, THAT, is sadly NOT Always the case.

is of MILA JOHNSON. MISSING Brampton Teen still not returned home since AUGUST 2012.
Link to original newspaper article:

In efforts to FIND HER
Mila’s Sister is organizing a
“POSTER BLITZ” or “FLYERING DAY”—(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

When she releases details of the DATE, meeting PLACE, TIME & further—-
I have requested permission to
THAT INFO with ALL my Friends,Twiiter followers,Blog Followers, every where;
TO JOIN Their efforts
….a hopeful date has been said DEC 27th.
Keep a couple HOURS FREE in your upcoming Calendar and let’s

TWEET HASHTAG—>#findMilaJohnson

and bring her HomeForTheHolidays PLEASE….
Thank You for Reading this very serious very real post.
This is a indirect friend of family member please help…

Remember those in less fortunate circumstances than yourSELF;
Merry Christmas,

J9 xo

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