Our #Halton Hills small town #Mayor & most amazing, involved and kindest Mayor I have ever had the privilege to interact with a few times; has set up a very heartfelt display. In JANUARY 2013’s first week at our “Halton Hills Civic Centre” (#Ontarion #Canada) there will be a ‘CONDOLENCES BOOK’ in the lobby for Georgetown/Halton Hills, ON Residents to SIGN. This book will then be sent to #NewtownConnecticut Mayor there, for the families of the victims of the recent horrific shooting, we’ve ALL been touched by…

Mr. Rick Bonnette (our Mayor), Sir, what a commendable sweet act; we ALL look forward to joining you in signing this lovely gesture of support! I think this is a warm, heartfelt way of sending support and love across the boarder…

DO YOU or anyone you know, have any stories of CONDOLENCE Ideas or Inspirations you know of or would like to share?

PLEASE post in RE-BLOG,respond, or go to MAIN page, look 4 ask & send me a message. I know I’d be interested in getting involved whatever other ways possible to help.

Our Deepest Sympathy’s and Hopes for Many Blessings to come:

J9 xo 

& Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada 

We Read Every Comment ;)

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