DOG OWNERS that dont clean up there dogs poo— YOU DISGUST ME

I DONT bring MY childrens CRAPPY DIAPERS and SPREAD them across your
shoes, lawn, front door, park, backyard, or porch.



Happy Holidays,
J9 up urs LOL

me straight from the heart !

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Google Releases New Map App for iPhone story:

AHH YES! Finally there is hope for all Apple device users like myself; that have spent the last three plus months, driving to WRONG NON-existent addresses, getting lost, looking for streets that dont exist and ending up in the middle of no where more lost than once we began!

Google releases its own MAP APP and Apple, well, is pretty quite in commenting LOL—Google and Apple have a great relationship and are not looking to wipe out any competition. 

Im assuming they just want to actually provide us with DIRECTIONS, like a MAP APP is supposed to Apple. 

Happy Holidays,


Google Releases New Map App for iPhone story: