As promised, HERE is the LIST at the Official Website for “FREE SHIPPING DAY Canada” over 200 participating merchants!

*SPECIAL NOTE*to all serious shoppers and Credit Card holders! 

Do your pocket book a favor this year for Christmas; Gift Yourself a

“RELOADABLE Credit Card” TODAY!!! 

from any fine money loaning establishment for $20 and purchase yourself the FREEDOM, from hanging CHRISTMAS DEBT over your head until MARCH! Safe and Efficient as a regular high interest credit card, without the interest, head aches, extra charges and debt collectors. Simply decide how much you CAN AFFORD to spend on Christmas Shopping, take the CASH to money loaning business (i.e. Money Mart) purchase their reloadable VISA or MASTERCARD, for $22.00 last I checked, ‘load’ your total CASH on the card and shop safely.

Shop Confidently, KNOWING you will not be waking up with guilt, bills, and a HORRIFYING “Christmas Debt Hangover” in January at bill opening time….

no bills in the mail, no money on the card—no shopping, no chance for theft, keep the card loaded or empty, it doesnt expire (until date noted)

A special thanks to CHFI 98.1fm radio, and all the social networks available to share post and like this exciting news for us all to enjoy!

Happy Holidays and Safe Shopping with FREE SHIPPING for all Canadians Today!!!

love J9 xox


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