His Job is THANK-LESS & severely UNDERPAID.

(Yes, everyone is but this is an issue that should really be looked at by our Government, for any Mayor’s sake).

I am fine with the judges decision, the law is the law. However, I have heard MANY OTHER ppl in power positions do FAR worse than a $3,000.00 mistake! IE—cheat on spouses, neglect their own children, found in hotels spending TENS of thousands of dollars on DIRTY lying cheating behaviours, porn hookers etc with TAXPAYER MONEY…SERIOUSLY, Rob Ford might be thrown out of office for his latest HUMAN ERROR in JUDGEMENT, and have a list of disappointments to ‘his city’ BUT, I’D PICK HIS MISTAKES over others ANYDAY. NOT a Supporter OR Against ExMayorRobFord, just an opinion.

Id like to know WHY 70% of Torontonians as a whole, VOTED HIM IN; then took pleasure in watching him take himself out? 70% of you (reported YESTERDAY) also said, YOU’D VOTE for HIM AGAIN…yet all I have been hearing is Ford bashing and bullying from the people? Why? The Media Circus is just soaking it up too. gross.

There is a City now with NO MAYOR—its a SAD DAY for Toronto AND SAD TO WITNESS THE CITY REJOICE IN SUCH SADNESS … tisk *tisk* tisk* I believe he’s a HUMAN Being outside of his title, stupid, ignorant, arrogant, he went against warnings of others, stubborn, pig headed; HOWEVER…THAT my friends is called:  EGO—look it up. It is the Human Condition. We ALL HAVE one. WE ALL make mistakes. EVEN STUPID BIG ONES, against our friends better advice. He is NOW paying for his mistake. MOVE FORWARD NOW.

In Closing, I hate that I’ll have to hear slimy fat BULLYING JOKES for the next year about this man. It saddens me deeply and in part makes me feel embarassed for the City He represent-ED. I wish him well and advancement on his journey. We should’nt have to pay for small mistakes FOREVER.

Be done with this issue and lets move forward.

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