Variant/Adobe, Josef Albers
The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation

I have not built any theory. I have only tried to build up sensitive eyes, as my book says. And I have tried to achieve that by aiming at very distinct color relationships again – like how do they influence each other? Change each other in light and in intensity, in transparency, opacity? How do they change each other in all different directions? That we make all the students aware, through experience, that color is the most relative medium in art, and that we never really see what we see. All neighboring means which occur every minute different, not only in changing light but also by our changing moods. And in the end, the study of color again is a study of ourselves. And to anyone today who tries to predict to me what two colors will do, I will say, “Please stop. I do not trust you. Because anyone who predicts the effect of colors proves that he has no experience with color.” Color is fooling us, cheating us, deceiving us – you can call it if you want – all the time.

Words of and from thee:

“The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation”

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