“Johnson & Johnson”(Products) & Co. Debate cont’s

This note, was my personal Response to a Facebook Comment regarding “Johnson and Johnson” baby products with Formaldehyde listed in their Ingredients.

This is “J9’sOpinion”:

The word POISON, is associated understandably, in all our minds when we see the Ingredient listing: FORMALDEHYDE.
The problem with the word Poison itself, is that majority of us stir up an absolute chaotic unnecessary FEAR, when we see it.

Firstly, ingredients listed in products are in such minuscule amounts, you have more chances at Winning the Lottery than you do at being poisoned to death; by such a small amount of formaldehyde! Product Ingredients are listed in Majority Order—the highest amount of chemical first and so on. I’d think a little further as well, about the reputation and age of this company, its founders, etc; before I’d go to the extreme of AXING the use of all their products!

Secondly, “Johnson and Johnson” company information is completely open to public, toll Free numbers are provided in the products themselves: CALL THEM! Ask questions! Be an informed customer and make your decisions from such a stand point. Ingredients in question have been used for DECADES (most of us are still here)! As well, I hate to break it to you but, many many other daily products YOU use, yes you (by men, women, children, dogs etc) ALL have listed ingredients, which if used in increasingly large amounts YES! COULD be seen as, causing sickness or worse even fatal—In Large Toxic Amounts people!

NOW all of that being said, let me be transparent by Stating: “that I am neither endorsing the use NOR opposing the use of these, or any products a consumer feels to use for their personal or family benefits. I am not related to any employee etc of the company in question. Nor does my own cleaning company represent or not represent any of these or any co. products”—-I’m simply sharing my opinion.
Personally, I choose NOT to use some of the co brand items, but chose to use others each for different purposes as well. Expand: example I use Baby Wipes for cleaning interior of a vehicle but NOT for my daughters body parts. I use their Hair products and washes for toddler and myself because, I am comfortable and confident in the companies information provided.
One suggestion I WILL re-iterate: Do your homework. Do some research. Check the scientific explanations for the amounts yourself (Google is such a wonderful world lol). Search up some studies from different reliable sources. Read up on other consumer personal reviews with any products you use, as experience is lifes best teacher. While doing all if this research, NOTE the numbers of each Study you find that is “PRO-use” let’s say; there will be that many more studies Against the use of products. TIP: Be sure the study results are NOT out-dated as well.

To conclude, when you have taken the time to educate yourself, you are making an informed consumer decision. Then as you are commenting on Facebook or Social Media businesses profile pages, your opinion will be more valued! As opposed to a heard-it-through-the-grapevine” and threw bottles out window in panic, trash! LOL!
Keep it educated, utilize facts and experience to form a useful conclusion not just a followed decision.

These are our freedoms to choose, as consumers. These companies willingly answer these types of questions and concerns with their products and thats why they’ve been around sooo long. Utilize your rights!