The “Man” The “FatheR” The “LegenD” The “Boy”

This is my experience:
MONEY does NOT make a male a Man, A HOUSE does NOT make a Male a Provider:
he’s then just another ‘home owner’.
Sleeping on the couch with the children jumping around you as you GRUMP FACE through it all during winds of in n out of consciousness, is NOT ‘Quality Time’ in a CHILD (or adults) Mind!
Buying someone a car does NOT mean: It’s a GIFT—most gifts are “FREE”
Handing your cheque to your ‘WIfe’ every week doesn’t make you a FATHER; it makes you a Male that’s behaving Accountably for his Actions of Creating a Family and being Responsible for that Creation—THAT’S RESPONSIBILITY.
Going to WORK Wearing A Suit & Tie-does & ‘bathing’ in OverPriced Cologne—does NOT make you a Man. It makes u a smelly well dressed member of society.
Begrudgingly being 2 hours LATE for Every ExtenDeD Family Function, kind a defeats the family function words Completely, let alone the act itself completely!
TRANslaTiOn: Wife says in front of kids, ‘Nothings Wrong’ MEANS: “i am not going to air our dirty laundry in front of the kids (& U shudnt EitHer!)because I HAVE ResPect for our Family Unit & our bond—DoNOT push the issue or kindly, sleep on couch!
Taking an active role in Your Families being a respectful, kind, loving, strong, communicating: means talking and listening in equal parts & turns….*, funny, playful, MALE; that, spends quality time (no phones, iPads, devices, etc), JuMPs outTA BED sleep deprived to drive sick baby to hospital in the middle of the night, comes HomE to AfTer WorkInG all day to Play with the kids, helps tidy (once in a blue moon without being asked is GREAT!lol), goes On EffortLesS Nature Was with ‘his FaMilY’, Agrees with all toddler blabbles n mumbo jumbo over a late afternoon check in phone call…
Understandably no one can live up to the expectations of another human being everyday—this is not an expectation but TRYING BEST AT These behaviors IS An Expectation.
One Day at A Time!

Places the INTEGRITY of the Entire Family Unit, in front of his OWN: GOD Given DRIVE and necessity TO CONSISTENTLY BE ‘RIGHT’ (in his Own mind Of Course lol)… & chooses ‘Happiness OVER Being RIGHT’—-
THAT IS the “MAN” the “Father” the “Legend” that deserves the title of a MAN

((This is just my opinion…KUDOS to you men out there for loving & respecting YOURSELVES enough to willingly place YOUR Family FIRST! To ALL Parents in fact! Xoxo PROUD of Your self. Ourselves!))