Apparently this photo is real and from today …. Sandy over NYC

I dont know about anyone else but heres the list I did to prepare my family today! ALL DAY !!

Stuffed the outdoor lawn furniture in the back yard, under the porch. Bought three extra flashlights on top of the two almost working ones we had. Batteries about $30 worth. Lined up the candles along the stair ways and in bathrooms. All Hallowe’en Decorations from outside thrown into the garage. Cooked all day Potatoes, perogies, rice, filling filling food for long days without power. Packed two clothing bins with LOTS OF LAYERS, no hydro NO HEAT no wood burning stove in this stupid suburban house (which I am grateful for bcuz its kept us safe so far), towels, cleaning supplies, and first aid box packed. Drinks mixable milk. turned up the heat and everyones sweltering so the heat stays stored indoors leaving all windows closed—so perserving the heat….bought $25 radio battery operated for updates in case of power outages…

Which HAVE ALREADY occured in several pockets around our surrounding cities—GTA Toronto and surrounding…

So Far, So Good.

NOW, we are snuggled on the couch, watching movies, while we can, charging alllll wireless devices, and PRAYING FOR everyone ELSE thats in challenging situations right now; wether mild or severe.

We pray for your safety xox

May we All perservere and survive what media is dubbing worlds worst storm.

We Read Every Comment ;)

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