A New Wave of Shipping Container Homes (RE-Blog)


I’ve always loved the idea of shipping container homes- a smart re-use solution with great structural integrity.  I came to know them years ago as an innovation solution for disaster relief shelters, but they are now being used as budget solutions for people building their dream homes.  Get inspired:


About Me section of profile i find, I always say is the most difficult section to fill because well,
Life Changes! I Change!—>and THANK GOD I DO! (Besides, I don’t think I have posted one on Tumblr!)
Here It Is: It’s probably 445AM, I’m Definetly in my Oversized, Fluffy, Pink (the only pink I own), house robe—Yes! Initialed as well! The Early Bird catches the Computer time? Something like that! The only other way youd find me is running outdoors in sweats with my toddler and neighbouring children! We live on a small court, close knit community; we all look out for one another’s children especially. I’d rather spend every moment of my day with countless children and their purity, fun, embrace life freely, spirited little individuals who are not yet poisoned by societies toxic fumes etc! Theyre little magical teaching creatures and we’d all be better off at spending MORE TIME with… Our Children! All Children.
I am a VOICE for Victims of Bullying & work along side professional victim advocates, in the Social Media Department.
SPEAK UP—it COULD Save A Life.

Our Plans? Well, We are downsizing (well, right sizing really) but that’s a whole other post. While here, you’ll encounter many posts about smaller living, container living, tinyhouse, links to tiny home blogs, and lower cost lifestyles. We’re looking to waste less and spend less! So in turn, we can spend, more TIME together. During your age new technology and stuff galore, has made the old style life of tradition and past, exactly that:
The Past.
I’m adjusting. It’s a Process. A Single Mom attempting to re-create a new age family with old traditional recipes, warm hugs, with hand built fires and cuddling! AHHH, the days of “Christmas Past” I call them lol.
(aka-good ole days) …I’m “RE-creating” a life that I am (re)building Ever so SLOWLY, Here, in my reality…and on this subjects, I will post here.

Follow my other blog at MyContainedLife.wordpress.com where I’ll share the specific steps, preps and tangibility, in further detail—>there!

For now, stick around grab some coffee n just enjoy the randomness;
as i attempt to manipulate the old with the new & learn to
Embrace Change. Watch me Grow—YOU Just might Too!


Traveling to Portugal? A Recently Completed MUST SEE

Here on the hills of Portugal you will find a rather unique hotel with a modern design twist..Notice the exterior aged building leading into the new possibilities. Heading this way while in Portgal, represents transformation and newness. “The most striking element of Design & Wine Hotel’s progressive and sustainable architectural design is the new building that houses the hotel’s five suites. Weighing 18 tons, this sleek steel structure rotates 35 degrees only supported by a central pillar with a diameter of 2 m. Guests can fall asleep while looking at the mountains and awaken overlooking the serene Minho River. However, Design & Wine Hotel’s
interiors offer more than a glimpse into the cutting-edge of techno-sustainability.
…hotel’s committed to the arts, each bespoke room and suite features a distinct theme ranging from video to street art, offsetting sleek, minimal furnishing with large-scale, bold graphic accents. For a glimpse into the local art scene, guests can visit Whitebox—exhibit place. ”
A definete unique getaway….don’t forget to enjoy your wine while gazing at the mountains views!

Traveling to Portugal? A Recently Completed MUST SEE